Friday, December 14, 2007


I actually found the missing page of my little Somerset trip book, I have to say it was in a very safe place. Right in front of my eyes. I am actually not too thrilled with the pages now. I think I rushed them a bit but I love the way the covers turned out.
So here they are with the lost page. The title is sliver off a piece of slate we pinched out of a skip in Wells.(Wish I'd had a bigger bag with me!)

If you like fabric books Ruth Rae fabric book has a beauty and decribes how she put it together.

And Beate works a little bit of magic with some scraps on Beate's Fabric Art

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Purple Missus said...

Such a satisfying moment when you find something you were hunting for(before you kick yourself because it was right in front of your eyes!)Lovely pages Pat and a nice little momento of Somerset.
Is Lacock Village where they filmed Cranford then?