Monday, August 20, 2007

If you hate sticky tape.....

With Christmas coming............Oh yes it is! I saw Christmas cards on sale when I was in town last week. I was fascinated by these references to a Japanese art called Furoshiki. A way of wrapping articles in cloth. I came across it on Layers of Meaning and thought I would pass it on for the benefit of persons like me who hate sticky tape. I always stick to everything except where it is suppose to go.(my children can look at a pile of presents and say "that must be from Mother"). Seriously, I did think it would be a fun way to wrap small presents using printed cottons. This is my first experiment, I oviously need to pay more attention to my folds but I love the idea.

This is a link to the Japanese Ministry of the Environment description of folds(PDF)

The one I like in particular is the one for wrapping bottles, I'll have to practise.


Gerry said...

Thanks for sharing this. Not only pretty but functional. I LIKE THAT!

I gave up paper wrap years ago when I made a bunch of draw-string fabric bags. Now we use them over and over and over. Saves money and the environment.

Gail said...

Especially nice for a quilting friend or family member.