Thursday, August 16, 2007

I know what I like.......

Great day, I went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Acamdemy as the guest of my best friend. I love this exhibition for it's variety, There is every style and size of painting, wonderful architectural models and sculpture. I really to fall into the "I know what I like" type of visitor(no formal art training). This can be abstract (usually because of the colour) or impessionist or realistic. This year there was one painting that drew me back three times. "Scene from a contemporary novel" by Nicholas Middleton.Please look at it.
This was in a room with the photographs which I thought was rather unfair as people walked by without so much as a second glance. But this is in fact and oil painting, the detail is incredible and also when you look into what at first appears to be monachome you find touches of blue and red and yellow. Amazing, I am so glad I have seen it.
Outside the Academy was an installation that was every rust lover's dream. Here are a few pictures.

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Julie said...

Thanks for showing these images, Pat. It is so hard to believe that that is a painting and not a photo. i would have liked to have gone to the Summer Exhibition but didn't make it. I love rusted metal so it was great to see these.