Thursday, June 28, 2007

A trip to Town....

I popped up to London today. I visited the Opus BA Show wonderful work but a little beyond me I'm afraid. I will go to their Pathways exhibition next week. Having the day to myself I went up to the British Museum,what a treasure house this is...I have to take it in little bites. Today I looked at the Snettisham Hoard I had never heard of it before but I was fascinated by these strange neckpieces They must have been uncomfortable to wear but must also have been impressive as some were very thick.

Photographs courtesy The British Museum.
I had a lovely wander when I came out, there are some wonderful old building around the museum, my walk was enlivened by a great idea from the National Gallery. Around corners and in the oddest places where reproductions of some of the gallery's treasures.

I thought the juxtaposition of the street sign gave this one a Banksy feeling
A brilliant idea, I often pop into the National I wanted to go off in search of more but I didn't have any time left today as I spent a happy hour(and a bit of money) in the London Graphic Centre I bought some inks and nib pens.......because they were there. Delighted and a bit dismayed(for my bank managers sake) that the are now stocking Golden Liquid Acrylics.


Susan D said...

It's a great idea isn't it putting art in unusual places. Perhaps it will encourage people who would not normally go to an art gallery to venture inside one and discover a whole new world.

Purple Missus said...

Only 1 hour in LGC - that was very restrained of you! I do find they tend to watch you all the time in there. Is it because I spend so long looking longingly at stuff or do I just look shifty?
Thanks for the Banksy link, have admired him for ages, he's just brilliant, although I find some of his pieces a bit 'hmmmm'!