Monday, June 04, 2007

Back on track..

Here is my Crossed Buttonhole Stitch, I had a hard time getting passed the first stitch because the second stitch kept making a loop.....I kept peering at samples others had produced and couldn't see loops anywhere.......then daylight dawned and I realised that the "loop" was actually the cross and the base and if I just continued it would all come right.

and this is my Satin Stitch, when I look at embroideries with perfectly worked satin stitch it fills me with awe. Hovever, I have always had difficulty with the stitch because, there is no getting away with it, I am not neat. I can still remember agonies of unpicking, at school, over this one and that was a long,long time ago. However the sun was shining and DMC have just added to the varigated threads so here is my little piece of summer, not perfect but dare I say "naive charm"!!!

and now I can look forward to whatever Sharon has dreamed up for us this week.


Elizabeth said...

It's great to see your work with these two stitches. I love the colors in both pieces. And the petals with their tips make the lower piece seem full of life to me.

Susan D said...

Love your satin stitch sample, very colourful. Oh I can remember doing sewing at junior school, the dreaded tea tray in cross stitch, it took me ages not because I had to unpick but because I was so slow.

annetteb said...

Love this sampler very cheery and warm. Thanks for the comment on flickr I have attached my blogsite sorry it wasn't there I'm just hopeless with computers. Anyway lucky because it me made me find your blog which I am now thoroughly enjoying. Cheers Annette