Sunday, April 01, 2007

Soooooo cute.......

My I point you in the direction of my friend Tony's blog I have been smiling over this picture ever since I saw it. Those little legs!!!! Fantastic. Todays picture is quite high on the cuteness scale as well.

Well here we are, one quarter of the way through TAST. What an amazing few weeks it's been. I would like to thank everyone who has left a comment, either here or on Flickr and of course to Sharon for keeping the whole thing going. There are so many wonderful pieces on the Flickr site it is always a joy to take a look, so many lovely uses of colour. We all have our favourite things that "speak" to us but one of the things that draws me to a piece is the feeling that I would love to reach out and touch it and there are many of those as well. New month and the stone for April is a girls best friend. Diamond. Could be an expensive month!!!!

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Tony Morris said...

And I thought you meant the lady runners legs!