Sunday, April 01, 2007

A gentle art????

Purple Missus,who incidentally has a nice line in things you would like to touch(see below), left a comment on "Just a quickie" which made me laugh and set me thinking. I find when you mention Embroidery to non needle-threaders the usual reaction is a polite, sympathetic smile. Little do they know that so many of us have a desire to slash and burn, amongst our silks and fabrics are to be found soldering irons, hammers, and pliers. In fact you are liable to find your embroidering friend in the aisles of the DIY store eyeing the brass fittings and the washers as possible additions to the latest project. Cling film and vegetable bags fill us with delight and we comb £1 stores and charity shops for items that we can rip apart, stab with our needles, dye or otherwise recycle and transform.

This is a piece I did inspired by an article in Issue 2 of Cloth Paper and Scissors using the afore mentioned cling film (shrink wrap) and plastic vegetable bags.


Anonymous said...

Very neat! I really like this!

Stitchety Grub said...

Wow Pat this is just gorgeous - it reminded me of all the fabulous textures and colours I saw last Monday when I was in a Rainforest over in Queensland ...luv it!
Britt :-D