Friday, April 20, 2007

Palestrina stitch

Another new-to-me stitch this week. I like this stich, great opportunities for variation and texture, once I can stop myself lapsing into buttonhole stitch there is a nice rythmn to it.

I had a search to see what I could find on Palestrina, I knew vaguely that it was a town in Italy. My search turned up this picture of the little hill town near Rome with a quaint custom in June. The gentleman below it its most famous son who rejoices in the wonderful name of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina a composer of church music.

This idea didn't quite come off but I wanted to use the yarn my daughter brought me back from Italy(the thick one).


Anonymous said...

I am always impress how you try to tell a story with every sampler!

neki desu said...

yes, i agree one can lapse into buttonhole stitch easily!
very pretty frame you've stitched!

neki desu