Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Evenings on the Town

Tuesday evening went with DH to the National Theatre in London so listen to one of our national treasures, Eric Sykes, talking about his life as a scipt writer and comedian. The Olivier Theatre which holds ove 1000 people was packed which, I think goes to prove that humans like to laugh more than anything else. There was a book signing afterwards, I had bought the book for DH as a Christmas present. When he heard this Mr Sykes looked at DH and in a very dry way said "I hope the New Year will be better".
Friday evening was "A Chorus Line" performed by our local amateur society. I love this show, a tribute to the hard lives of chorus dancers everyhere.
Two other nice things that have happened (see above) My best friend perpetrated a RAK (randon act of kindness) and sent me a replacement for my favourite purse in a fun package. Another friend loaned me some vintage photographs so I decided to try using the principles from my new Claudine Helmuth book.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mutant Ladybirds

Ladybirds with curls, with feathers with scales and strange shaped spots.....some new ecological disaster? No just a group of embroiderers getting to grips with the mysteries of "stumpwork" in a workshop called "Sculptured Stiches" . Sam Beresford was the tutor, such a relaxed, amusing and encouraging teacher. There is something very special, I find, that happens when a group of women get together to sew. Tips and techniques get shared and certainly yesterday gentle teasings, jokes and laughter made it an enriching day.
I drove home in a true golden haze as apart from my uplifted mood the beautiful Darenth Valley was bathed in a glowing winter sunset. The only thing that spoiled it was, as per usual, I had forgotten my camera!!
And yes, it took me all day to get this far, so the next time I look at a piece of faded stumpwork in a stately home or museum I will bow my head to the skill and patience it represents.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Great weekend and British Library

I took a train trip to Spalding, an interesting and attractive town in Lincolnshire, this weekend. Beautiful day on Saturday and in the Fens you could see for miles. Day started on a high note, because I had masses of time before my train, I made a visit to the British Library. I will be back. There was a very good exhibition on the Nobel prize winners and then of course the examples from the collection were stunning. I have to say, for a few moments there, I did consider the fact that I may never alter another book. These wonderful volumes and the work and care that went into the production and the preservation of them gave me qualms about ever altering a "proper" book again. I went to WH Smith and bought a cheap note book to play with on the train. This is the result. The feeling actually lasted until I found a book, in a charity shop in Spalding, it was was literally falling to pieces, I bought it and brought it home. I may alter it!!!! Also found a great bookshop where I bought a Claudine Helmuth book, of all the unexpected things to find!!
The text round this piece is from the old song "she was only a bird in a gilded cage".

Friday, February 17, 2006

Push chairs

Right, that's the introductions over. Those who know me will wonder how I managed a couple of posts without having a rant about Forward Facing Pushchairs!! When my children were little I had a push chair where my children faced me. As we walked we chatted, on long walks we played games of I-spy etc, and I could see what they were up, like jettisoning the odd shoe!! Today children are stuffed int0 a push chair, facing away from whoever is pushing, as far as I can see no one ever talks to them or even knows they are there because when they cry they are completely ignored. The most ridiculous thing about these all singing, all dancing push chairs is that when the are babies they face the pusher and as soon as the child gets old enough to be socialable they are turned away. I have been banging on about this for at least three years, I have seen articles in the press and I have heard it discussed on the radio. When I have talked about this with young mums the most common comment is "Well they are really difficult to find". It is time the manufacturers took responsibility , they are damaging our children's development. End of rant.

Todays picture is of me in rant mode........no it's not, it is another image from the wonderful art-e szine and a couple of my photographs with a bit of Paint Shop Pro magic.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It made me smile.

Well so far, so good. my page hasn't disappeared overnight and I have managed to add the link to art-e-zine so I am very pleased with myself.

On our local news last week there was the story of a little boy, I think he was six, who wanted to visit his relations in Canada. His mother told him he would have to save up so he decided to hold anArt Exhibition.......Venue: His bedroom. Time: Friday evening from 6pm .......until bedtime. Bless.

Today's picture is one of my altered photo's, a hint of Spring. Enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2006

There I've done it.

Well friends here I am, as you know I have been talking about this for long enough. It all looks a bit dark and gloomy at the moment, hopefully when I've been here a while, I will learn how to change things.

This one of my altered photographs with a image from Gillian Allen's wonderful "art-e-zine". I will learn how to put a proper link on here eventually.