Sunday, February 19, 2006

Great weekend and British Library

I took a train trip to Spalding, an interesting and attractive town in Lincolnshire, this weekend. Beautiful day on Saturday and in the Fens you could see for miles. Day started on a high note, because I had masses of time before my train, I made a visit to the British Library. I will be back. There was a very good exhibition on the Nobel prize winners and then of course the examples from the collection were stunning. I have to say, for a few moments there, I did consider the fact that I may never alter another book. These wonderful volumes and the work and care that went into the production and the preservation of them gave me qualms about ever altering a "proper" book again. I went to WH Smith and bought a cheap note book to play with on the train. This is the result. The feeling actually lasted until I found a book, in a charity shop in Spalding, it was was literally falling to pieces, I bought it and brought it home. I may alter it!!!! Also found a great bookshop where I bought a Claudine Helmuth book, of all the unexpected things to find!!
The text round this piece is from the old song "she was only a bird in a gilded cage".

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Ann said...

Welcome to the blog world. I'm about 3 weeks ahead of you. I like your work. The "gilded cage" picture is very nice. I know how you feel about altering books. I see some books and think I shouldn't change this and then some other books are just screaming for some attention.

Ann in Maryland USA