Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Evenings on the Town

Tuesday evening went with DH to the National Theatre in London so listen to one of our national treasures, Eric Sykes, talking about his life as a scipt writer and comedian. The Olivier Theatre which holds ove 1000 people was packed which, I think goes to prove that humans like to laugh more than anything else. There was a book signing afterwards, I had bought the book for DH as a Christmas present. When he heard this Mr Sykes looked at DH and in a very dry way said "I hope the New Year will be better".
Friday evening was "A Chorus Line" performed by our local amateur society. I love this show, a tribute to the hard lives of chorus dancers everyhere.
Two other nice things that have happened (see above) My best friend perpetrated a RAK (randon act of kindness) and sent me a replacement for my favourite purse in a fun package. Another friend loaned me some vintage photographs so I decided to try using the principles from my new Claudine Helmuth book.

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