Friday, February 17, 2006

Push chairs

Right, that's the introductions over. Those who know me will wonder how I managed a couple of posts without having a rant about Forward Facing Pushchairs!! When my children were little I had a push chair where my children faced me. As we walked we chatted, on long walks we played games of I-spy etc, and I could see what they were up, like jettisoning the odd shoe!! Today children are stuffed int0 a push chair, facing away from whoever is pushing, as far as I can see no one ever talks to them or even knows they are there because when they cry they are completely ignored. The most ridiculous thing about these all singing, all dancing push chairs is that when the are babies they face the pusher and as soon as the child gets old enough to be socialable they are turned away. I have been banging on about this for at least three years, I have seen articles in the press and I have heard it discussed on the radio. When I have talked about this with young mums the most common comment is "Well they are really difficult to find". It is time the manufacturers took responsibility , they are damaging our children's development. End of rant.

Todays picture is of me in rant it's not, it is another image from the wonderful art-e szine and a couple of my photographs with a bit of Paint Shop Pro magic.


StampinGranny said...

Pat this is beautiful, I would love to know how you did this. Great Blog!!
Lori Roberts


Dear Pat, Saw your blog from the Yahoo Altered book group. I LOVE This piece!!! AND i totally agree with what you wrote, but in the USA we don't seem to have them.


Wonderful Piece of ART!!!
blessings, Grace from the Yahoo altered book group
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PLUS I agree with what you wrote on strollers, although we don't have the right kind here in the USA!