Friday, August 08, 2014


flying by.  My young friend came for her annual visit and we spent a week walking in Kent, along the River Thames,
by the sea
and through the countryside.
and we planned the walks we would take next year.

This week there was a visit to the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain.  I did love the cockerel
Unknown Bone cockerel

but the star exhibit had to be the  Bellamy quilt on loan from the Carrow House Museum in Norwich.

It was made by Herbert Bellamy and Charlotte Alice Springall in the year before they married. Not the kind of thing young couples do now I think.  You can read the full story here .  You can stand for ages and keep finding new(and surprisingly modern) images.  Unfortunately you couldn't get close enough to examine the stitiches as it was surrounded by an alarm force field which went off everytime you leaned forward or even pointed.
On the way out of the Tate we paeesed through this unusual sight.

Some of the worlds most famous painting being unpacked and hung, with great precision I may add.
I am keeping up with Documented Life, just, and experimenting with weaving but lack the time to scan photograph etc at the moment as we are off on a short break next week. We are going to my home town Barrow in Furness and of course hope to visit the beautiful Lakes but after our scorching summer(so far) the weather is looking decidely iffy. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Art in Action........

was wonderful.  We have talked about going for a long time but it will be a must for the future.  I took some photographs but none could capture the fullness of the experience.   This is the Welcome Gate.
and I would love these two prowling through my garden.
The best thing I can do is point you to the web site and let you work your way through the demonstrating artists. It was a mind whirling day, so many things to see(too many for one day) and so much admiration for the creativity and skill on show. Just a few memorables. Victoria Walker, watch the video and marvel, Amanda Wright  and Harriet Riddell, this young lady was machine embroidering portraits (very tempted) Many of the artists were young which is very heartening.
My weaving samples  are growing, slowly.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I am English so I am fascinated by weather.  I love clouds and last nights approaching storm had me running back and forth trying to capture the most amazing clouds formations I have ever seen

Should have been going to Art in Action today but don't fancy the M25 in a storm so fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Apropos of nothing, my "tree" for Man and June had birds. Not as many as I intended but next year.....
Back to the Tour and the Golf and the Weaving. 
PS I have been reliably informed (see comments) that my pictures (not the first one) depict a "Spanish Plume".  Thank you.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I am always interested at the hightened awareness that comes with learning something new.  I am following Jude Hill's "Considering Weave"  and last night I found myself analysing the mat on the floor in the background of a television programme.  an interesting diagonal weave.  This morning Ines Seidel had a link to an older post on weaving plastic bags

and Sri Threads had an explanation this wonderful woven sleeping mat.
Here are my own first efforts.

 and my little loom.
I made these pieces while being glued to the Tour de Yorkshire, sorry Tour de France. What a wonderful spectacle.  So disappointed for Mark Cavendish but the rest of it was spectacular.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Wk 24, Wk 25 and Wk 26......

Time to catch up, these were quickly done,Prompt for Documented Life  Wk24 was " Use book pages of text pages".  I used a book I had used for cleaning my brayer while gelli printing.  Then collaged  a die cut from another page.
Wk 25 was "Cover your page in hearts".  I again yurned to gelli prints which I had already collaged amd put them through the Sizzix to produce hearts galore, which in turn were collaged to another print.
Wk 26 "Add a bible verse that inspired you - or a line from a favourite book.  This kind of thing stops me in my tracks but then me old favourite came to mind. A A Milne's "Now we are Six".
Looking forward to the Wimbledon Men's Final and of course I will be glued to the Tour de France for the next three weeks.I am so full of admiration for the stamina of these men  3,664 kilometres in 3 weeks with onbly two rest days.    Hoping that everything goes well in Yorkshire, especially in Sheffield(DH's home town). I was tempted to go to London on Monday but decided, being a bit vertically challenged,  I would probably be better off with the TV, miss the atmosphere though. We watched it go through the last time it was in England and after a very long wait it went through in the blink of an eye, won't forget it though. This year, particularly,  I will watch it with my brother in mind.  It was he who introduced me to the sport and he loved it.  I will miss having him to answer my questions.

Monday, June 30, 2014

'Tis done........

for the moment anyhow.   I think I started this early in 2013 (seems longer) but it has many rests.  I have finally finished the kantha and the border.  I may at some later time add a little more embellishment to the creatures and the stones but for now it must rest again.
A couple of details

As ever my thanks go to Jude Hill who's work and  gentle teachings have led me down this path. I am now "Considering Weaving" with her, new paths.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

There will now be a short intermission........

As time was running out for spring cleaning a fair bit of my time recently has been taken up with things domestic. I have decided that I am not going to do anything else "creative" until I have finished my "Earth" all other projects (Documented Life,  etc.) are on hold. This will mean a massive catch up at some time but the cloth has been on the go for nearly two years now and I want it finished!
I have done yards of kantha stitching and have still more to do and then a bit of seed stitching and then the border.
I will be playing catch up on Jude Hill's "Considering Weaving" which has just started,  (You can still join ) but with Jude's gentle way of sharing that shouldn't be a problem.
Looking forward to a day at Wimbledon with my daughter tomorrow so hope the weather holds.