Thursday, May 07, 2020

Well, well, well..........

Last time I posted Rob Gronkowski had just announced his retirement. It didn’t really end my life, though it may have looked that way.  Now low and behold he is coming out of retirement and joining his old mate Tom Brady, not in New England but in sunnier climes in Tamp Bay, Florida.  I enjoyed the glory years and will treasure the memories that  I hope their twilight  years will not spoil. I have always thought that “Retire at the top” was a good adage.

So here we are in lockdown for Covid 19 virus.  Because I am my husband’s carer in many ways life is not much different from normal but the restrictions on coffee with friends or popping out on a whim gets a little trying at times. We have a lot to be thankful for, my sister in law contracted the virus visiting her brother in hospital, the day before the lockdown and we have spent an anxious fortnight but she is now on the road to recovery.  I wish the media would give us more success figures instead of the just the daily death toll. Knowing what we went through my heart goes out to anyone with loved ones who are suffering. One of the other things to be thankful for is our garden, though tiny is is an outdoor space we can enjoy so we can take full advantage of the glorious weather, it seems ironic when the children cannot play out and trips to the countryside are forbidden even the Easter Bank Holiday, which usually guarantee rain and freezing temperatures was bright sunshine..

I actually started this post a couple of weeks ago, not much changed since then but there are rumblings to an easing of restrictions. It is the 75th anniversay of VE day tomorrow and being unable to goout and buy flags (or even have it delivered on line before June) I dowbloaded a file from Etsy and made my own.

This is a piture of my Lockdown crafting to date. Four journals, some bunting and a small town.

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