Saturday, May 23, 2020

The top ten........

........I have been a member of my local Operatic Society for nearly fifty years, I retired   from performing many years ago but as I was honoured with a L:ife Membership I like to keep in touch when I can which these days is not as often as I would like,.  During the lockdown the members have taken to the internet to organise quiz nights and concerts and this week there is even a disco.  To keep us further entertained one very clever young man organised a poll to find the member's most popular musical.  As you know I have sturggled with keeping this blog going, I can only marvel at the amoount of effort it took. You can find all the entries on Alex's blog Alex Writes Stuff here which, incidentally, is usually dedicated to some entertaining and interesting book reviews.(I told you he was clever).

Three of mine didn't make it into the top 100, definitely an age thing I think because I had not heard of a couple of shows that did,  I remarked that it would be interesting to repeat it in 10 years time with the same members.

It was really hard to chose and took me a few days but it was great fun and brought back many magical moments in the theatre, interesting that none of the shows I have performed in or worked on made my list. 
So finally my Top 10 with reasons and favourite song.

Crazy for You – Good all round but the best Act 1 finale of any show I’ve seen. Favourite song = I’ve got rythmn

Me and My Girl – Same again good all round . Nostalgia, comedy, romance and a touch of the Cinderella’s. =  Once you lose your heart.

A Chorus Line – Original West End version, no interval and I’ll swear I didn’t breathe for the last ten minutes  or so. Definitely not the film version = One

Merrily We Roll Along = not the travesty at the Menier  Chocolate Factory a few years back. – Old Friends

Follies   It was difficult to chose when it came to Sondheim –Beautiful girls.

Into the Wood -  not the film = Witches lament (Children will listen)

Salad Days -  Sweet  taste from the past.  Memories  of seeing the original in London in the ‘50s and of our production at the Hall. = We said we wouldn’t look back

La Cage aux Folles  - Have loved every production I have seen , from the original West End with a wonderful George Hern to John Barrowman a few years back . I have long wished that the Society would give it a go = A little more mascara.

Jersey Boys- love the songs and it was so well constructed. = Who loves you Pretty Baby

Nine- Again not the film which was truly dreadful.  Loved working with the Youth theatre on this but would love to see an adult production at the Hall. – My husband makes moves/the Grand Canal segue Every Girl in Venice.

Well there you go, not sure they are in perfect order. Some people who know me will be surprised not to see  Hamilton or Wicked  on the list but they would definitely have been in the next ten.


Tracy K said...

Gershwin and Sondheim - definitely winners. xx

Unknown said...

Hi Pat
one of my top 10 choices was the fab "closer than ever" the songs and the way the production was put together for us was just great.