Saturday, May 16, 2020

Let's go out............

.........well not really, of course in our locked down state.
The Night Watch - HD.jpg

I came across a story about the restoration on Rembrandt's  "the Night Watch" in the Rijk Museum.  Apparently to aid with the work of restoration they have photographed the work in thousand of pixels so that it can be examined without using microscopes. I am not sure if this is the actual photograph they are using but it is a fascinating way of getting closer to the painting than you will ever be able as when I goes on display again it will be diplayed in a glass case. A few years back on a brief visit to Amsterdam we were taken to a church in the evening which had various people in costume dotted around the edges of the chuch.
After a little while we took our places and the church began to fill with more characters in costume who eventually composed The Night Watch before our eyes.
Great fun, a very memorable evening. I once sad Van Gogh makes me think I can paint, Rembrandt shows me that I can't.

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