Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Nik the Booksmith's' challenge..........

......well that gave the brain a good workout. 

 Here is the very amateur video I made.

I apologise for the inky finger and the rather rude looking sponge.
It really was the best kind of mind stretching fun. Something I might try again in the future.

Nik has created a Playlist of  videos here. There some wonderfully creative people out there.

 Just in case the sound isn't clear we were  marooned on a "Deserted Island" with only the items in our "fanny pack". We were allowed paper, one type of glue, scissors and needle and thread.  We could then chose only four other items to make a journal.  I chose Distress ink,  my widest washi tape, 1 yard of sari silk and a bookcover.

Unfortunately DH has been in hospital with a couple of infections for the last week so all crafting is on hold.  Hopefully he'll be home today or tomorrow.

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