Monday, January 07, 2019

What can I say.......

.....I have had two blog nudges this week.  The first was when the wonderful Seth Apter nearly gave me a heart attack when he announced that his blog  The Altered Page would be no more. Relief, it turned out he had moved it to his very stylish web site Seth Apter

The second prompt was when I found that a young friend of mine had moved his book review site to his new site Alex Writes Stuff.  Again a very stylish looking site and I look forward to perhaps tearing myself away from chick-lit. lol.

My husband's illness has meant that my life is not as free as it was and my lovely days wandering round London or visiting exhibitions have had to be curtailed. So not so many photographs to share.  I am still making my journals, I have even bought a new bookcase to house them with the vow that when it is full I may think of selling them (in the hope that by then the quality will be of saleable standard).

So here we go, already a week into 2019  no resolutions but a hope that I can do something to share in this little space I call my own.

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