Monday, July 17, 2017

The most exciting thing......

...that happened this week is that I managed to secure the very last place on a workshop with Seth Apter.  It is not until October but at the rate this year is going I won't have to wait long.  Seth and I found each other many years ago through a similarity of blog names and a shared love of rust.  I have, with pleasure, watched his career grow and blossom but have not been able to get to any of his previous workshops.  This one is at Birds in the Barn near Colchester in Essex.

In my play time this week I have been juggling Le Tour de France, Wimbledon and working on a junk journal. I haven't taken any pictures yet but it is nearly finished.

A couple of outing this week.  One to Hall Place in Bexley for a pleasant stroll round the gardens.  I though this was a very pretty bedding scheme

 One of the features of the gardens is the Queen's Beasts, topiary representations of the heraldic animals.

 The other outing was another visit to Faversham, the more I visit the better I like it.  We had gone to visit some of the Open Houses.  We started with a visit to the market  and bought locally grown strawberries and raspberries and then a nose round couple of antique shops.  No pictures inside the houses, of course, I even forgot to take the exteriors (we were battling an  annoying drizzle by that time) This is a photograph I borrowed from

The houses were full of surprises, from the outside you imagine them to be quite small inside but we saw large bedrooms, comfortable living rooms and in one house even a grand piano.   Most of the houses we saw were built in the 1500's and they must be a real labour of (expensive) love to maintain but it made us wonder if the housing that is being thrown up all around us today with stand the same test of time.
My only picture from the day

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