Monday, May 01, 2017

Nothing to see here.....

......bit of an up and down week, started off OK with a "laundry" visit to the see Their Finest .
Enjoyable would be the verdict.  The Wednesday to the local theatre to see "Made in Dagenham" performed by DAODS my old musical society(I was given a life membership when I retired).  Very proud of these young people.
Then the cold arrived...................I don't have colds very often (thank goodness) but when I do....suffice to say I am at the "sitting on my chest" stage, still feeling like a dish rag.  As my mother used to say "A seven days if you treat it and a week if you don't", so only three more days to go.
I did take the opportunity to catch up on Line of Duty  in time for the last episode.  Friends had been urging me to watch it and I can see why.  Good Telly. 
 I have made a couple more Mystical Lanterns and I have started on a secret project but no pictures so as I said "Nothing to see here" Pass the Benilyn!

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