Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tidy? Moi?.......

.... no matter how many times I tidy my desk(not often) it always ends up looking like this, I work in a space that is approximately A4.
However last weekend the rest of the house was tidy because my lovely sister-in-law came to stay. She came down from the north of England leaving sunshine behind and didn't see it again until she was on her way home.  So much for the sunny south. However it didn't rain and we were able to get out and about.  One of our trips was to the Antique and Vintage market in Faversham. Lots of temptations..

Brenda bought   me the smallest thimble I have ever seen, under half an inch in diameter.  We tried to imagine the tiny mite who had used it to stitch. We found a lovely charity shop ( just like the ones before Mary Portas) and I collected this lovely bundle. 
Particularly pleased with the stamp album which still has stamps. The book with Chinese writing and the Classical Review in the picture came from another place.

Had a real senior moment when Brenda came down, when to meet the train at Euston at 11.29am and had to wait until 2.15pm. I had mixed up the times of her leaving and arrival trains.  Made good use of it though and had a lovely wander through a bit of London I hadn't visited before. Found this beautiful terrace
it had this park in front of the terrace, an energetic lunchtime game of tennis going on.
Not far away from here I found an amazing second hand book shop, that's where the other treasures were found. I was just wandering so hope I can find it again. Wandered into this

with this at the end of it.
I love London.

On Monday night we had a real treat.  42nd Street at the the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane.  Lovely to see a show with such a large cast.  My goodness those dancers work hard, exhausted just watching.  Brilliant.

One of the reasons my desk is particularly I have been working on two books, one of them a special secret.
Pleased with this one though.
Lovely wrapping paper from John Lewis.
Some pages, don't know how to make those "flip though"videos so just a lot of photoas.

Last one is Turkish Map fold I have just mastered. Yes it's a junk journal, the funny thing about it is, I keep making journals but the nearest I get to journaling is this blog and we know how regular that is.
Addicted I have already started next  "journal".

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