Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I am always interested at the hightened awareness that comes with learning something new.  I am following Jude Hill's "Considering Weave"  and last night I found myself analysing the mat on the floor in the background of a television programme.  an interesting diagonal weave.  This morning Ines Seidel had a link to an older post on weaving plastic bags

and Sri Threads had an explanation this wonderful woven sleeping mat.
Here are my own first efforts.

 and my little loom.
I made these pieces while being glued to the Tour de Yorkshire, sorry Tour de France. What a wonderful spectacle.  So disappointed for Mark Cavendish but the rest of it was spectacular.


sharon young said...

It looks like you're having a lot of fun with Jude's new course, I love the pieces you've created so far and the little loom is so sweet, I wonder if you can buy such small ones for travelling.

Susanne said...

This is a bit serendipitous - I've just finished giving someone a mini tutorial on weaving with plastic bags!! Your home-made box loom looks great, but if you would like to borrow a little wooden loom ( Made by Spears as a toy but a loom's a loom!), let me know.