Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The prompt for Documented life was to add embroidery or embroidery floss to the page.  Totally by chance I came across this creative lady in a post on Needlework News..
Lauren DiCioccio
The books (of course ) jumped out at me

Lauren DiCioccio

and I love her 35mm sewn slides.

Lauren DiCioccio 35mm sewnslides
I just had to try, just a little piece, which made me appreciate the whole. I mounted it on a piece of gelli print.

Off to London to see the Prism exhibition today at the Mall Galleries, in the rain.

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Margaret said...

Intriguing. Being a book-lover and inveterate reader...well, I altered one book (once) -- a not particularly well-written second-hand novel about Anne Boleyn. I admire altered books but...can't find any more of mine that need altering... ;-)