Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wl 19

The phrase I have heard most in the last few days was "Where did April go?"  and now we are nearly half way through May.  So much to do. Documented Life prompt was to "Document a Random Act of Kindness from you" ?????????? I would hope that at some time I have been kind to someone but I certainly can't "document" it so I settled for some very random painting.
  Last week I also did a bit of catching up on my runner.
Recording cat sitting, boro exhibition and traffic jams..............Speaking of which we sat in a beauty on the way home from the  Creative Living Fair in  Eridge, Kent.  Despite the  weather(pouring rain and cold wind, lovely) we had a super time. Definitely on my calendar now, it was a fascinating fair.

Loads of vintage fabrics
and plants
 In fact everything you could think of.  It was lovely to meet Viv of Hen's Teeth and see her work for real. She has some great photos of the show on her blog.
I am working on the second page of the Sara Lechner challenge but my main sewing time has been to start what I hope will become my own take on a piece of boro.  Loads of stitching to do but the Giro D'Italia on TV for 3 weeks should help that along nicely, though I will miss being able to discuss the race with my brother.

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