Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wk 10.....

It is getting hard to keep up..a little sunshine and the great outdoors beckons.  But back on track now I hope with Documented Life. The brief was "Make a list of the the things that make you, YOU"......not a clue ....so I took a photograph of the hearts that had been on my tree in January and February  because they represented all the things I like to play with and then I made a list of things I like a lot.(in no particular order I hasten to add)
the major catch up was on my runner,
The Lakeland hills look a bit more like volcanoes, the colours at the top are for the polyanthus we pooped in the garden to give it a lift.
This just made me smile.


Susanne said...

what's on the tree now Pat????

sharon young said...

What a lovely idea to use the hearts I think they're beautiful. Love the runner too :-)