Friday, March 14, 2014

Modern Art and Medieval Mastery......

 Yesterday I took myself up to London without any real plan but the sun was shining so the city was mine.  It turned into a day or contrasts. My first visit was to Southwark Cathedral to see the installation by Angela Wright. 

This is a close up of the wool strands

The softness of the flow against the wonderful medieval carvings of the High Altar was stunning and very moving. It is in place for the whole of Lent. There is a talk by the artist this Sunday(March 16) at 12.45.
Back out into the sunshine I wandered along the edge of the Thames to the Tate Modern. 
Didn't quite expect the fun I had.  We like the familiar, I think, so the Mondrian
and the Rothko
 and I loved these huge canvases by Gerhard Richter

but I had the most fun with these.
Dan Flavin, this room had flourescent lights on one wall which threw shadows onto the opposite wall. As people walked throught the room you could see their shadows in various colours but I couldn't really see my own. Fascinating.
This young man kindly stood still for me.

and this is my shadow
Gorgeous colour.
Gerhard Richter again,  11 panes of glass which gave a blurred impession and almost a sense that you could see though yourself.

Just looks like a rather blurred photograph really but you had to be there.  Back outside, sun still shining I took the "wobbly bridge" across the river
 and back in time but if we are to eat this week I better go and do some shopping. To be contd.


Margaret said...

I love the "yarn waterfall" but would like to know...why? Was it because Jesus is the Lamb of God?

Susanne said...

love the yarn installation as well - thanks for sharing it Pat. As to why, this is just a guess, but last week was the Women's World day of prayer - and the theme, produced by women in Egypt, was water in the desert. So that would fit, and there almost certainly would have been a special service for the day in the cathedral.