Saturday, March 15, 2014

Modern Art and Medieval Mastery part 2,,,,,,

I was intrigued(as was everyone else)  by this group on the bridge.

 The artist appeared to be painting in between the metal plates of the bridge, the people with him were from Channel 5. ?????
I took this so you can have a go for yourself. I might.
 Update: Thanks to Debbie for the comment which gave the explanation for this. Ben Wilson is the artist.

Did I mention the sun was shining, St Pauls reflected in one of the  pieces of street art.
I was on my way to the Museum of London and I realised I was passing Postman's Park. This is somewhere
Lynda Monk told me about a long time ago. Sorry you weren't there Lynda but I will have to go again because a gentleman had positioned himself right in the middle of the memorial to eat his, rather large, lunch,
This is the explanatory plaque.
and just a few of the tragic, heroic stories.
(You should have a larger versiou if you click on the picture, I think it is working again now)
When the children were little we used to go to the Museum of London a favourite because you could walk through from prehistory to the present day. I haven't been for years but a memory from then was a beauitful chain that was on display from the Cheapside Hoard. (Watch the video on the link if you can)  The chain was so delicate and pretty I have never forgotten it so this exhibition was a must for me. The workmanship is stunning, you can pick up a magnifying glass at the entrance and you need it to appreciate the tiny detailed pieces.  Security was very tight (you have to leave everything in a locker) so I have had to borrow this from In Detail which has very good pictures of other exhibits. The chains are very long.

In Detail Cheapside Hoard Museum of London 0110 The Cheapside Hoard
and this is the postcard I bought.
I couldn't resist a quick look at the rest of the museum which looks great fun and seems to contain many of the costumes I have been missing at the V&A..  Return visit soon I hope.


Debbie said...

The guy on the bridge paints all the bits of chewing gum trapped in the metal. Some of the results are amazing.
When you visit again keep a look out for them. He is also a mudlarker I think.

Carol said...

Thanks for showing, and the lovely photos - the hero's memorials look fascinating. We collectively brought Moth- In -Law a Cheapside replica bracelet earlier this month for her birthday :)