Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Late Christmas....

For various reasons we had our Christmas day on Sunday and it was a day worth waiting for.  Such fun.  My son cooked a wonderful rib of beef and I used this recipe  from the Ree, Pioneer Woman for the all important Mashed Potatoes.I don't usually do cooking on this blog but I found a recipe some time ago and I wanted to test it out before I shared it here.  It saves that nuisance moment of stopping production and finding  the potato masher, a bowl etc. when you are trying to bring the big meal to fruition and best of all it makes delicious, fluffy mashed potatoes. The seasoning she uses is obviously an american brand but I found this which explained what it consists of, made some up in an empty spice jar, worked a treat. Incidentally I made the mashed carrot and turnip the day before as well and that worked too.
This is Ree's picture
 So here we are the last day of the year, my mind is making resolutions but I will be suprised but happy if all (or any) actually bring results.If you look at my Pinterest Tutorials page you will see some of my dreams.

Thank to all who have visited and commented this year.. My very Best Wishes for the New Year to all..

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Ms. said...

Thank you for this, and many other great sharings over the year. May you have a bright new year.