Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas came early......

Yesterday it was the monthly meeting of The Girls and we were to have our pre-Christmas meeting. Unfortunately, one friend had the current cold but bless she did send us a little gift. It is now on the tree.
The little tin contain threads. 
The other gifts I received were this tool which I never seen before.. We will be playing with this next time we meet.
 and this wonderful ornament of my initial in mosaic it stands about 9 inches high.. Clever girl.
My present to them was this

which I hope will give them some fun.

Our hostess for the day had gone to great pains to create the right atmosphere right on the doorstep.

As you can imagine, we fell through the door in fits of laughter.  
Lots of chatter, some lovely food and not to over tax ourselves we
made one of these. Tutorial here
Great day with a very special little group who have given me so much pleasure.


Ms. said...

Just charming and the BEST door decoration!

Margaret said...

Merry Christmas, Pat! You and your Girls have started the Week Before on just the right note. May you all have a healthy, happy and creative New Year, too. :-)

sharon young said...

How lucky you are to belong to such a lovely group of friends. The presents all look so thoughtful.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Ho, ho, ho, Patricia--great door decoration! and what a fun day. Love the mosaicked "P". And may the new year bring you many exciting creative adventures!
best, nadia