Saturday, June 08, 2013

Later that day.......

the sun really came out and I had forgotten how breathtaking the Lake District is in Spring.  We stopped at Muncaster Castle, somewhere I had never visited. The Pennington family have lived there for 800 years and who can blame them. It stands high overlooking the Esk valley, these are view from the terrace.

There were Rhodedendrons in full bloom everwhere, we are not usuall so lucky with out timing,

And the owls......Muncaster is the home of the World Owl Trust.  I have a fondness for owls, their shape, their eyes and after once being allowed to stoke one their beautiful soft feathers. Just look at these beauties.

This last one looked as though he was carved out of wood.


Margaret said...

It's tough to make a sensible comment when every photo of the landscape brings an "Oh!" or "AH!" or "Wow!"

I just bought an embellisher and see needle-felted landscapes in all of them.

And the owls...I too am rather fond of the species. What a variety you have in the preserve -- and what a blessing!

Stitchety Grub said...

Colin and I visited there when we were in the Lakes in 2011 on our last trip - loved it :) 'specially the owls ..beautiful gardens too