Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun and flowers....

Yesterday was the monthly meet of "the Girls" and we had a great day making these, from an idea in the book "Handmade Decorative Books" by Sue Roddis.


 G's, she decided to mount them on cards

 and mine

They stand up but this was the easiest way to photograph them. We decided there were endless ideas for this format. Great fun.
Across from our meeting place was this amazing sight.
and my mauve rose had opened.


Judith said...

Pat I love them.x

Clare Wassermann said...

Wonderful books...but oh no that'll be another book I want to order from's getting silly!!

sharon young said...

What a great idea, love them, and the flowers look gorgeous.

Gill Edwards said...

love those rows of houses im going to take a look at that book. Lovely flowers too, does that rose have a scent?

Gill x