Friday, March 29, 2013

More Ice Age.......

Well I could be referring to the weather but I actually went back to the exhibition at the British Museum.  It was worth going back as I could take a closer look at these often tiny objects. I find that you are often overwhelmed at the first visit, trying to take in everything at once. We decided to let the initial surge for the Pompeii exhibition die down before visiting and we went instead to the Foundling Museum for the Faith, Hope and Charity exhibition. So touching, these little objects tell such sad stories.


We were in need of a little light relief and this came first from a pavement artist who had a picture of the sun, "drawn from memory". and then when we walked in the Covent Garden we found eggs everywhere. These are a few of my favourites.

They are there to raise awareness of Action for Children .  Happy Easter everyone.


liniecat said...

wow........glorious eggs!

Anna said...

What fabulous eggs!Just what you needed after the sadness of the foundling objects.