Monday, March 18, 2013


It's getting busy round here, some of it is boring like dental appointments and car serivicing etc. but the rest of it is all good.  Jude has started another serssions of the diaries,this one is called What If Diaries and even includes the 101 classes which show the very basics.  You can join at any time and it is yours forever, it is so much a part of my life now.  
Over at Marit's Paper World the Big Road Trip is "visiting" New Jersey. I have an inspiration underway.
The prompt letter in the Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge is the letter P. First thought was Patricia but suprisingly I'm not in the dictionary so we will see.
I am sending a little gift to Margaret as a thanks for her kindness, I needed a little card so I took ispiration from a card made by my great niece.

 and produced 4 little cards from one A4 sheet of gelli print.  They really mimic the fold of a match book.

One on it's way to you tomorrow Margaret.


Margaret said...

Well! Nothing's a secret for long on the Internet, eh? What a delightful surprise to read about my forthcoming giftie! A total delight to start off my Monday morning. Thanks, Pat!

sharon young said...

What great cards, Pat, they worked really well.
Good luck with the dentist appointment, I'm such a baby I hate going.

Clare Wassermann said...

Those cards are a lovely idea x

Anna said...

Sweet little cards, lovely colours.