Friday, January 25, 2013

Freezin in......

not exactly an artist's garret but my room is certainly on the cool side at the moment which is a nuisance as ideas have been buzzing.  I have been making pages, using my own photographs. There is a Ro Bruhn type book in my head but the fabric pages are coming on much more slowly.
The indefatigable Seth Apter has just published a list of blogs called The Art Blog Directory.
I am honoured and a little scared to have been included.  So if you have a couple of minutes, hours, days to spend, follow the link and enjoy.
I have also just signed up for a continuation off the Magic Diaries with Jude Hill.  Watching Jude work  and listening to her thoughts have become an important part of my life.  I am working on another large piece called (for the moment ) "Earth" but something in me doesn't want to share it just yet.My "Space" cloth is a comfort in this weather.
Hoping the weather doesn't keep us away from the first Embroiderer's Guild of the year tomorrow.


Margaret said...

I don't know how cold "cold" is where you are...but if you're not used to it, it can definitely put a crimp in things. Your pages are lovely. Later today I'll take a break and check out that link. Stay warm and travel safely to your meeting!

Clare Wassermann said...

those pages look super and Ro is such an inspiration isn't she. Following Jude has been a big part of my life too but I haven't enrolled in anything of hers lately. Maybe later in the year.

Pam McKnight said...

I found you from the Art Blog Directory, I am on it as well. 2 days and I am still on the A's!!

sharon young said...

Congratulations on being selected for such a long list of artistic bloggers, well deserved :-)
I love your journal pages, especially the top one, I haven't explored this a great deal but think I might get more into it now the diploma's almost done.