Friday, January 18, 2013

First one.....

off the list.  Enjoyed the film Quartet. Perfect entertainment for a chilly afternoon. I have to thank Margaret Cooter for her post about sketching at the National Gallery. Here. I thought "Oh I could never do that, attempt to draw in public" . I love the National Gallery site so I followed the link and before I knew it I had produced this..
Original Gainsborough here.

I as thrilled because I didn't know I could do this.  I was so thrilled a couple of days later I tried again.
 Original Bellini here

The site is wonderful because you can zoom right in to the paintings, nearer than you can get in the gallery in a way. I don't think I am going to be the next Grandma Moses butI must keep trying, who knows, I might pluck up courage to do it in public.


Amanda said...

Any kind of artists expression is good! Great that you are enjoying yourself.

Clare Wassermann said...

Yes do that. Who cares?