Saturday, October 22, 2011

NFL comes to London....

and this time I was there.  Every other year the Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square has clashed with an EG meeting and of course there has bee no contest........this year I was ecstatic when my friends pointed out that I could attend as we don't meet until next week.  So this morning found me in Trafalgar Square.    I think I have explained before the thing that hooked me onto American Football was seeing what is known as a Hail Mary pass in one of the early televised games in the 1980's.  I have been always useless at throwing and especially catching (always the middle in "pig in the middle")so this as far as I was concerned was magic.Today I threw a touchdown pass to Wes be honest it was a picture of the delectable Wes and he didn't really catch it but I did put the ball through the hole.This has to be one of high spots of my life.  I know,.... simple soul.
It was a great day. The weather was literaly sparkling. There were all kinds of fun things going on.
and it was great to be entertained by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheer leaders
and the Chicago Bears  drum band
to see some of the players and coaches

and to see Cecil Martin up close.

It was a fun day and I am even more excited for tomorrow and the actual game.

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