Thursday, October 27, 2011

It was great....

I loved my first live American Football game, the whole experience was such fun. This is me on Wembley Way, you can see I didn't intend to be cold but in fact it the weather was just right.
A lot of the day was about flags, giant ones were passed tround the crowd
Everyone had one to wave.
National anthems
Cheer leaders
and the game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 - Chicago Bears 24
Goodnight Wembley, hopefully see you next year. That was some birthday treat!

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Margaret said...

If you liked American football, you'd enjoy Canadian football too. No -- they're not the same! Our game is tougher -- fewer 'downs' (3 instead of 4), fewer 'time outs' per half (1 instead of 3) and a larger (longer) field -- just to name a few. Given our British roots, our game was based on rugby...see if you're intrigued! :-)