Saturday, October 22, 2011


the red planet, the god of war and memories of  Journey into Space. Who else remembers sitting close to the radio, riveted by the adventures of Jet, Doc Mitch and Lemmy.   I have never thought about it before but that is probably where my love of science fiction started. Before that was Dick Barton, Special Agent, eat your heart out James Bond. Dark winter nights and a cup of Horlicks before bed.  But I digress, or perhaps I don't,  perhaps this is part of what belongs to slow cloth, the time to think or reminisce.  Here is the my red planet, with canals

and with explosions
Only one more sleep to the NFL game at Wembley, as neither the Bucs nor the Bears are "my " team I'm not sure who I will shout for, probably both if they make it an exciting game.Must be careful not to have son disown me.

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PeregrineBlue said...

so kewl! i am working on some fabric now too.