Sunday, September 25, 2011

St Petersburg-TheCatherine Palace -not

 On our second day we were driven out through the city to visit the Catherine Palace.  Be prepared for a serious gold overload.

Well this is as far  I went before I discovered that Slide has ceased to function.  I was going to show you all the gold work in the Catherine Palace and link it cunningly to the fact that to day is our Golden Wedding Day.
Here is one of the pictures, it was amazing.

There is  quite a good tour on You Tube here.
Does anyone know another good slide maker?


Susan D said...

Happy Anniversary.

Did you see the recent BBC 4 programme Art of Russia with Andrew Graham-Dixon, they showed this building, I bet you needed sunglasses in there.

Suztats said...

Happy Golden Anniversary! What a milestone. I hope you enjoy your Special Day.

Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary! Judging by your profile photo, you must've married sometime between the ages of 5 and 10, no? ;-) Beautiful photo...wishing you many more golden years ahead.