Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Before I start the holiday I have to show you what was waiting for me when I arrived home.
My very own Jude feather.  It is my birthday present to me.  I have tried several times to aquire a piece of Jude's work but because of the time thing I've always missed out.  This piece is about 4"x3", a precious fragment and look what else was in the packet, some magic thread, which so often is part of Jude's work. Now to find the perfect way to display it.  So happy.


Clare Wassermann said...

Ahhhhh I have one too. But I gave mine away to my mother in law as she's just diagnosed with bowel cancer and I thought it could go with her on her upcoming journey. it was the best thing I could think to give her xxx

sally.wilson said...

oh my how i loved that feather. i'm so pleased for you - it really is a beauty.