Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Our holiday began with a text which said "turn on skype", I did and there was our daughter who said "Pack!" Just when we thought there was no chance of being able to join her, after a summer of trying, there was a last minute cancellation. A frantic 28 hours later we landed in Copenhagen.  We fell into bed and the next day just had time for a quick walk before we joined the Sojourn.  The first thing we saw was bikes, they were everywhere.
and elephants.. this was my favourite, reminded me of Elmer
My views on forward facing pushchairs are well known so I thoroughly approve of these and just look at those breads.

A few more bicycles
and a very comfortable looking fishwife
the last part of our walk took us down this road,

past the famous Tivoli Theatre and Gardens
until we saw the man himself.
 Who remembers the Danny Kaye film? I liked the manhole cover nearbye.

 Also nearby there was a very  imposing beast.

One snall  disappointment was that we didn't see Little Mermaid, too far from our hotel to walk in the time.
I played with a photograph of the Palace and of course the bicycles. A postcard for you

and I leave the rest to Danny Kaye 

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Jackie said...

Ah! I have an old photograph of a slim but obviously pregnant younger me standing next to the Little Mermaid in 1984. We were in Copenhagen becasue my husband had to accompany a Cezanne painting for an exhibition there. The hotel was half paid for by the Gallery he worked for, but the meals were so expensive we couldn't afford to eat there! Hope it was a bit less expensive for you.