Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triluke Bay......

Where?... a tranquil bay off the coast of Croatia and as it is -3 here this morning it is good to remember the warmth.  I had never heard of Triluke Bay but I was looking forward to it because it was my birthday.   This is early morning as we glided among the many islands in the bay.
When we left the Odyssey the marina was already out behind for the enerjetic people but we took the tender to the island.
There was a road leading away from the harbour so intrepid explorers that we are we took this past the little church

and the house with the bird curtains

until we caught a glimpse of the other side.

A path lead down to the waters edge and then we followed it all the way back to the harbour. It was one of the loveliest stolls I have ever taken. Past glorious tangles of rocks

rock gardens

rocks with eyes

and rocks with lips

lovely views

and sparkling clear water

we strolled on
and in the bay the Odyssey waited

the tender ran back and forth

You can't live near the sea without rust, we found this little tractor

and I think this was a hydrant but it could have been some king of alien!

  Eeventually our walk returned us to the harbour and to this tiny memorial chapel to a son lost at sea.

The tender waited and returned us to the ship where very important decisions had to be made as to what flavour of ice cream today?

This was the sunset on my birthday

and here is my dessert and my birthday cake,

but it wasn't fininished yet, in our cabin this gentleman waited with a bottle of wine and a birthday card.

Thank you Diana.


Suztats said...

Happy Birthday!
Many Happy Returns!

gunnelsvensson said...

Beautiful photos! And a late Happy Birthday!

Kim - Liv Life said...

In researching Triluke bay for my upcoming Seabourn cruise on the Spirit, google pulled up your post. Thank you for the lovely photos and a walk through the town! You have me very excited!

Anonymous said...

Thank y ou soo much for this information. Departing for this cruise on Odyssey next week and this helps us decide what to do.