Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kotor.... Still here...

   I having been having very weird blogger troubles, still on going but I am going to try and put the rest of the holiday on while it is working .  This is the entrance to Kotor Montenegro.
At 6in the morning the indefatigable Odyssey staff had a table of pastries and hot coffee as we started the fascinating journey into Kotor.  How anyone found it in the first place is a mystery. Bear in mind that I was right on the pointy bit at the front.  For about an hour or so we just kept sailing towards these walls and thinking this must be it and then suddenly a gap would appear and we would sail towards another "wall" I lost count of just how mant wists and turs there were.

Finally we arrived and parked!

There are a lot of steps in Kotor

 and we climbed hundreds to reach half way.  We were told there was another 500 to reach the ruined castle at the top 

   so we settled for the view from this point.

Going down
In the church there was a little museum with some lovely embroideries and lace

and this door reminded me of one of a journal page.

 Back on board a spot of afternoon tea!
Dessert was pretty that night too.

and late at night we slipped away trying not to wonder how the Captain was going to manoeuvre all those twists and turns in the dark!

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Jackie said...

Fascinating.Is this a tourist destination? I mean do people go there for holidays apart from on a cruise?