Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Soft south and snow beast....

 Well this is a change from sunshine cruises.  Yesterday I woke up at 6.30 to what is our usual amount of snow (when we have any), it was still snowing and it continued snowing without stopping for the rest of the day.  There were three types of snow, quite big flakes and then a kind of tiny hailstones and then a fine powder which came in blizzards they just kept alternating all day. I have never in all my years known such a prolonged downfall,  
I spent a happy half hour trying to catch the birds as they whipped in and out of the tree by my kitchen window.

blue tits don't stay still long

It was easir to catch them on the feeder which is further away

and I was delighted when a robin arrived.

He came onto the tree later and seems to be saying"Do you mind if I camoe in for a while?"

This was the garden this morning

The bench is in there somewhere
and I think my car is still under this

Not one snowmen but a line of little snow goblins

and the chimney across the road is getting a loving hug from a snow beast

It is 9am and it has just started snowing again!


Clare Wassermann said...

yes we have it too - a good excuse to hole up and stitch!

Susan D said...

It's nice if you don't have to go out in it. I must be in one of the few places in the UK that hasn't had much snow. Keep warm.

verobirdie said...

Two years ago, but in January, the same happened here, and I spent the day like you, watching the snow falling and the birds eating :-)