Saturday, October 30, 2010


Beginning of week two. A fascinating approach to  Pylos
These rocks seem to pose an inpenetrable barrier.  It fascinated how people managed to find some of the place we visited.  I love rock formations and the entry to Plyos was a delight.
After Athens, Pylos was a complete contrast a small town set on the hillside above the harbour. The gradient of the hill makes for some interesting sights. Like this parked car.
How? What? Of course it is another road running above the one we were on. I don't want to give a false impression of Greece but you do see some wonderfully distressed buildings.

There was a little church at the top of the hill,

I love the way that all these chuches have a shady area, designed for gentle conversation out of the glare of the sun.  Imagine.

From the top of the hill we could look across the roofs to our floating home.

Beautiful isn't she?

 Every town we visited in Greece had its shady meeting point to share a coffee, a beer and some pleasant converation and of course a game of backgammon!.

Leaving Pylos was just as stunning

Some tiles to play with



Seth said...

What an amazing place. The contrast of the blue sky and the white buildings is just stunning.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Amazing! I have always wanted to go to Greece! Thank you for sharing these photos. PS - I have put the stereographic cards away for now but I will try to remember to bring them out and measure them for you soon. OK? If I forget please feel free to remind me! I'd love to help you with that, just a little pressed for time right now. It won't bother me at all for you to send me a reminder!

Jackie said...

Amazing. I can't believe you did all that went before in only a week!