Sunday, October 25, 2009

This and that.....

I came across Korak patchwork on Creative Diary and wanted to know more.  I located a site in russian which google offered to translate for me.
" I do not know when I heard something about " Korak". This is an old patchwork was made in Turkmaenistan, Uzbegistane and Afghanistan.. The act of women have a better malenkih pieces of pryamougolnikov of which are bent trugolniki with a large fold treugolnik, with two small fold treugolnik. These pieces and stirred straight strips on the basis of secret sutures. Very little is left of these handicrafts and one woman from Switzerland wrote to Ruth Tschudy khigu and wants to recover. Last year we conducted the course but I could not go to him. Of course all hands will become as we say this for bonkers!"
I have found that Ruth Tschudy has subsequently written a book, so she must have found out what a "trugolniki" is .I'm off to practice my secret sutures!

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