Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's what date????

 Definitely time to post a card for Spain, especially with a postal strike looming.  Here is my Calendar Girls card for October. When Carol first posted her choice she put a picture of a detail which I have had in mind ever since.  This was the full picture

and this was the detail

and this is my card for Neki

I painted velvet for the draped background and I made wired leaves on organza, something I had wanted to try..  The beads are two vintage beads from my bead box.

My other little experiment this week was making felt with soap and elbow grease.  I watched a demonstration at the Knit and Stitch and just had to give it a go.  I made a couple of pieces of what can only be described as pre- felt and I don't think this piece is much further along but I quite like it as it is.  I think this all takes more patience (and stamina) than I have but hopefully I will try again.

Has anyone else found that there is no such thing as pale red?  Pale blue is still blue, pale green is still green but pale red is PINK!


Doreen G said...

I like your piece of wet felting Pat--a few rows of running stitch for definition will turn it into a beautiful scene.

Clare Wassermann said...

Yes wet felting sure prevents Bingo Wings! Know what I mean?

Stitchety Grub said...

Oh Pat you made me laugh! You are quite right pale Red doesn't exist ... hehe LOL I wonder where the word Pink came from haha! something to ponder on..
Hugz Britt :-)