Sunday, October 25, 2009

This and that contd.....

Blogger is having somekind of hissy fit, it has thown me out twice without saving.

As I was saying...I am quite missing being able to pop over to Trafalgar Square and find out what is happening on the Fourth Plinth. Very often it wasn't much but Sky have pieces together a Final Highlights video here.

Last weekend I had occasion to visit Tonbridge in Kent where I found this dear little fire station.
Staight out of Trumpton

As the short days have arrived here is some autumn colour, also from Tonbridge.

Isn't this a pretty side street?

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Susan D said...

Thanks for the memories Pat. Very tame for todays kids I suppose but my brother and I loved to watch Trumpton and Camberwick green, we always tried to see in to the top of the box to quess who was coming out of it.

I clicked on a few more of the YouTube clips my favourite 'I'm a very friendly Lion called parsley' and Hectors house. Don't worry I've just gone back to my childhood when everything seemed so happy and we didn't have a care in the world.