Tuesday, June 02, 2009


the Bank Holiday, the glorious weather.......whatever I am so behind with everything and now we are goinbg to take a short break to my home town on the edge of the Lake District so production wise things are not going to get any better. Here is one of the main reasons, the weather has been so beautiful that we have spent loads of time in our tiny garden. The roses this year have been almost the best display I can remember, the best photos (I hope) are on my non digital camera and have to be developed but this is one view of my little garden

and here are two of the stars I took today

and here's one to play with

after playing with negative,displacement and crop

I am stitching, I promise. I am working on a piece which I hope I will be able to offer for the branch stand at the EG South East Area day in July, so hopefully I will have something to show soon.

Super issue of Workshop on the Web just out with very tempting tutorials by Maggie and Lynda

And last but not least I have signed up with Dale for Holey Moley. I love Dale's blog and work and her gorgeous threads and fibres have had me opening my purse at the Knit and Stitch for the last few years. The title intrigued me and when I found that it was a years course but only one lesson every two months I couldn't resist. Watch this space....or should that be hole?


joanlil said...

OMG - a BLUE rose! Please tell me its name, even if it's unlikely I will be able to get it here in Oz.

Anonymous said...

what an exquisite garden. I gave up any notion of an English-style garden years ago.