Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunshine and friends.....

I am loving this burst of warm weather, this was the colour of the sky this morning, and this was the Darenth Valley on Saturday morning

The scent coming back in the evening was amazing.
Last Monday I spent a day with friends being introduced to doll making, I had a wonderful fun and laughter filled day which rounded off on Saturday when one friend presented me with these

which I learned were terrific for turning things inside out and for getting stuffing into tiny places. The other gift was this adorable, handsome little gentleman

Thank you so much girls. All this in Wimbledon fortnight. If this is the kind of weather it brings long may the roof on the centre court last.


Gerry said...

Lovely photos. What a handsome little, in deed. He is really too cute. Is this your pattern?

I also wanted to thank you for posting the Chinese Circus video. I thought it was amazing. Just watching them perform made my tired, old, muscles soar. LOL

hippopip said...

What a lovely ? rabbit very appealing.The forceps are so useful for stuffing, getting into small places and even closing off arteries if you feel inclined!